Our Programs

5:17 New Style Church

Sunday evenings at 5:17 PM we have a time of family worship – with a contemporary and family friendly service.  We strive to provide an atmosphere where you can freely learn from the Bible about important issues of faith, and give expression to your faith through worship that is current and heart-felt. We have no dress code expectations, so please come as you feel most comfortable.

Prayer Tuesdays at 1:30 PM. Each week, during this time we hold open discussions as well as personal testimonies, worship music, scripture reading and slideshow presentations.  We praise Jesus for his sacrifice, pray for members of our community as well as touch global prayer topics, and Worship the one who took our sins away.

Small Groups. At Maugerville Baptist a few times a year we take a close focus on the book of the Bible, spiritual discipline or theme from the Scripture.  Part of this experience as a church is to gather together throughout the week in small groups.  Everyone then is discussing and studying the same thing for six or seven weeks.  It creates a strong emphasis on that truth as well as a great time to grow together with fellow members of your small group.  We try to keep the groups between eight and ten people.

Youth Group. Thursday’s 6pm – 7:30pm  (Starting in the Fall)
Our Youth group is made up of both middle and high school students.  When we meet, both groups have games, fun and snacks together.  However, during teaching and discussions in small groups we split up between Middle and High School Students.  Our group is usually made up of some fun games, small group Bible study, and some general wackiness with some fun events thrown in.

Online Programs. In fulfillment of our mission to serve people locally and globally we have become part of the “Gospel on Web” educational resource, providing Bible-study resources in all major world’s languages. We are currently working on translation of their articles into Tamil and Telugu, widely spoken in South-Eastern Asia.